Ako city is a tourist and industrial town with a rich history and abundant naturul beauty.
Ako city is famous as the hometown of the 47 loyal samurai.
There are many historical spots such as the Ako Castle Ruins,the Oishi Shrine and the Kagakuji Temple which tell the history of three generations of the Asano clan.
The peaceful nature of this small castle town reminds us of the story of "Chushingura".(the 47 loyal samurai.)
Ako Misaki,a part of the Seto Inland Sea National Park,is a picturesque spot which has a glinting and beautiful seaside.
The peaceful scenery of the Sea of Harima is calming for the traveler's heart.

Ako Castel Runins

Best-known landmark of Ako city.
Built by Asano Naganao in 1661.
It is rare in that this castle was built without a castle tower on a flat and wide landscape near the sea.

Oishi Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to the 47 loyal samurai including Oishi Kuranosuke and Kayano Sanpei.
The main building a sancutuary,was built in 1912 and rebuilt in 2002.
There are many cultural properties on the grounds including the Oishi's a Nagayamon(Gate for the tenement houses),a garden and the museum of the Ako-Gishi.

¡Hours: 8am-5pm(Everyday)
¡Admission(Museum): adults \420 children\15 and under free
¡Tel: 0791-42-2054
¡15-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.

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