Kagakuji Temple

The Kagakuji Temple was erected to Buddha by Asano Naganao,the first lord of Ako Asano clan in 1645.
Together with a graveyard of the successive lords and the 47 loyal samurai of Ako,there are 47 wooden statues a museum for the Ako-Gishi.

¡Hours: 9am-4pm(Everyday)
¡Admission(Museum): adults \400 children \15 and under free
¡10-minute walk from JR Bnsyu-Ako Station.

Ikitsugi Well

The messengers who brought the first news of the accident in Edo castle,drank water from this well to quench their thirst and catch their breath.
Also,thus is one of the water stations that was used by the Ako clan and is famous for being one of the biggest city water system in Japan.

¡5-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.

Ako Museum of History

This museum shows historical materials portraying Ako:salt the castle,Gishi,and our old city water.
You can study the history of salt manufacturing a cultural,as well as historical,perspective by viewing moves and picture.

¡Hours: gam-spm(Closed every Wednesday ,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)
¡Admission: adults \200 children \100
¡20-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.
¡E-mail: ako-rekihaku@memenet.or.jp

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