Ako Museum of Folk Cultyre

This building is as invaluable one from the Meiji Era,and formerly was an office of the Japan Monopoly Corporation.
There is a display of old everyday materials such as agricultural implements and other daily necessities.

¡Hours: 9am-5pm (Closed every Wednesday,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)
¡Admission: aduits \100 children \50
¡Tel: 0791-42-1361
¡5-minute drive from JR Banshu-Ako Station.
¡E-mail: ako-minzoku@memenet.or.jp

Ako Seaside Park

This family park stands on the vacant site of immense salt farms on the Seto Inland Sea on the west of Ako Misaki.
There are sixteen all weather tennis courts,Shio-No-Kuni(a salt-farm),the Ako Museum of Oceanography and Waku-Waku-Land(an amusement park).
With advance reservations,you can take a tour of salt manufacturing, as it was years ago ,at Shio-No-Kuni.

¡Admission Free
¡Take Bus for Hoyo-Center from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and gey off at Ako-Koukou-Nishi.it's a 15-minute walk.

Ako Museum of Oceanography

Exhibitions are divided into four themes,"Introduction to the sea","Welcome to Ako","Let's study about the sea"and"Salt gallery".
Everybody can understand the Seto Inland Sea and the production of salt at this museum.

¡Hours: 9am-4:30pm(Ciosed every Tuesday,28th Dec.-4th Lan.)
¡Admission: adults \200 children \100
¡Take Bus for Hoyo-Center from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Ako-Koukou-Nishi. It's a 15-minute walk.
¡E-mail: ako-kaiyo@memenet.or.jp

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