Ako Misaki (national park)

In the spring,cherry blossoms are fragrant.
In the summer ,many people visit Ako Misaki for camping and swimming.
In the autumn and winter,you can relax in hot springs and taste fresh seafood.
Ako Misaki is full of pleasure all year round.

¡Take Bus for Hoyo- Center from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Higashi-Misaki.

Tabuchi Museum of Art

The Tabuchi Museum of art displays works of art and ancient manuscripts donated by the wealthy Tabuchi merchant family.
a local family in charge of a salt wholesaling operation.
Among the paintings,wedding accoutrements,and many other items,especially noteworthy is the collection of tea ceremony utensils.

¡Hours: 9am-5pm(Close every Tuesday,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)
¡Admission: adults \200 children\100
¡Tel: 0791-42-0520
¡Take Bus for Hoyo-Center from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Kawaguchicho-Higashi. It is 5-minute walk.
¡E-mail: tabuchi-kinenkan@memenet.or.jp

Old Sakoshi-ura Meeting House

The Old Sakoshi-ura Mrrting House was built in 1831 as a community facility for conducting administrative activities related to the municipal government -,business,and also as a tea for the Ako Clan.
The house was restored in 1994.

¡Hours: 10am-4pm(Closed every Tuesday,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)
¡Admission Free
¡Tel: 0791-48-7755
¡Take Bus for Kojima or Earth-Seiyaku from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Sakoshiko.

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