Sakoshi street scene

Sakoshi is a port town where old houses and historical relics still line the streets.
The elegance of rows of traditional houses with white earthen walls and magnificent tile roofs has earned these streets the designation as a tourism promotion zone.

¡Take Bus for Kojima or Earth-Seiyaku from LR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Sakoshiko.

Ako Gishi Festival

On December 14th every year,the whole city celebrates this festival in memory of the 47 loyal samurai.
Enjoying a variety of shows and exhibitions such as parades reproducing the story of "Chushingura"(the 47 loyal Samurai Story).
The citizens of Ako and thousands of spectators visiting from all over the country are filled with excitement when they come to the festival.

It is about the Ako loyal retainer here

The specialty article of Ako

EShiomi-Manjyu(salty cake)
The Ako clan once@presented these sweets to the shogun's family and then they were hightly prized.
It is very famous as a special product of Ako and a very suitable souvenir.
EYaki-Shio(baked salt)
By baking salt of good quality,the bitterness is taken away and the salt becomes mild.
This is the Yaki-Shio for which Ako has been noted since the Genroku period.

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