Story of the 47 LOYAL SAMURAI〜Chushingura〜

↑ It is the story of Chushingura.Please take a look. ↑

Ako guidance


Ako city is a tourist and industrial town with a rich history and abundant naturul beauty.

Ako city is famous as the hometown of the 47 loyal samurai.

There are many historical spots such as the Ako Castle Ruins,the Oishi Shrine and the Kagakuji Temple which tell the history of three generations of the Asano clan.

The peaceful nature of this small castle town reminds us of the story of "Chushingura".(the 47 loyal samurai.)

Ako Misaki,a part of the Seto Inland Sea National Park,is a picturesque spot which has a glinting and beautiful seaside.

The peaceful scenery of the Sea of Harima is calming for the traveler's heart.

《《 Ako Castel Runins 》》

Best-known landmark of Ako city.

Built by Asano Naganao in 1661.

It is rare in that this castle was built without a castle tower on a flat and wide landscape near the sea.

 《《 Oishi Shrine 》》

This shrine is dedicated to the 47 loyal samurai including Oishi Kuranosuke and Kayano Sanpei.

The main building a sancutuary,was built in 1912 and rebuilt in 2002.

There are many cultural properties on the grounds including the Oishi's a Nagayamon(Gate for the tenement houses),a garden and the museum of the Ako-Gishi.

■Hours: 8am-5pm(Everyday)

■Admission(Museum): adults \450 children\150 and under free

■Tel: 0791-42-2054

■15-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.


《《 Ako City Museum of History 》》

At the Ako City Museum of History, you can embark

on a historical and cultural journey through Ako salt,

Ako Castle, the town, the 47 Ronin of Chushingura, the old waterworks system and much more.

■Opning hours : 9am-5am(Closed on Wednesdays & 12/28-1/4)

■Admission : Adults \200, Children \100


■Getting here : a 20-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.

《《 Kagakuji Temple 》》

Kagakuji Temple,founded by Asano in 1645,

has magnificent tombstones,wooden statues of the 47 Ronin.

Wonderful displays of treasures are shown in its museum.

■Opning hours : 9am-4am(Open year-round)

■Admission to the museam : Adults \400, Students \200


■Getting here : a 10-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.

《《 Ikitsugi Ido 》》

Ako had one of the largest waterworks systems in the 18th century.

This Ido(water well) represents a famous incident that the Lord of Ako Naganori Asano stabbed Kozukenosuke Kira in the Edo Castle in 1701.

Messengers who brought the news by carrying baskets drank the water and caught their breath at the artifact.

■Getting here : a 5-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.

《《 Gishi Andon 》》

Located right next to Ikitsugi Ido, This automaton clock plays a tune of a Japanese traditional instrument Taiko at each hour from 9am to 8pm.

It features three important scenes from the 47 Ronin story called Matsuno-roka (a stabbing incident), Hayakago(a way of transmission by baskets) and Kachidoki(the shout of victory).

You can visit the intriguing clock at any time.

■Getting here : a 5-minute walk from JR Bansyu-Ako Station.

 《《 Ako Museum of Folk Cultyre 》》

This building is as invaluable one from the Meiji Era,and formerly was an office of the Japan Monopoly Corporation.

There is a display of old everyday materials such as agricultural implements and other daily necessities.

■Hours: 9am-5pm (Closed every Wednesday,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)

■Admission: aduits \100 children \50

■Tel: 0791-42-1361

■5-minute drive from JR Banshu-Ako Station.


《《 Ako Seaside Park 》》

This family park stands on the vacant site of immense salt farms on the Seto Inland Sea on the west of Ako Misaki.

There are sixteen all weather tennis courts,Shio-No-Kuni(a salt-farm),the Ako Museum of Oceanography and Waku-Waku-Land(an amusement park).

With advance reservations,you can take a tour of salt manufacturing, as it was years ago ,at Shio-No-Kuni.

■Admission Free


■Take Bus for Kanpo-no-Yado-Ako from JR Banshu-Ako Station and get off at's a 15-minute walk.


《《 Ako Museum of Oceanography 》》

Exhibitions are divided into four themes,"Introduction to the sea","Welcome to Ako","Let's study about the sea"and"Salt gallery".

Everybody can understand the Seto Inland Sea and the production of salt at this museum.

■Hours: 9am-4:30pm(Ciosed every Tuesday,28th Dec.-4th Lan.)

■Admission: adults \200 children \100


■Take Bus for Kanpo-no-Yado-Ako from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Ako-Koukou-Nishi. It's a 15-minute walk.


《《 Ako Misaki (national park) 》》

In the spring,cherry blossoms are fragrant.

In the summer ,many people visit Ako Misaki for camping and swimming.

In the autumn and winter,you can relax in hot springs and taste fresh seafood.

Ako Misaki is full of pleasure all year round.

■Take Bus for Kanpo-no-Yado-Ako from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Higashi-Misaki.

《《 Tabuchi Museum of Art 》》

The Tabuchi Museum of art displays works of art and ancient manuscripts donated by the wealthy Tabuchi merchant family.

a local family in charge of a salt wholesaling operation.

Among the paintings,wedding accoutrements,and many other items,especially noteworthy is the collection of tea ceremony utensils.

■Hours: 9am-5pm(Close every Tuesday,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)

■Admission: adults \200 children\100

■Tel: 0791-42-0520

■Take Bus for Kanpo-no-Yado-Ako from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Kawaguchicho-Higashi. It is 5-minute walk.


《《 Old Sakoshi-ura Meeting House 》》

The Old Sakoshi-ura Mrrting House was built in 1831 as a community facility for conducting administrative activities related to the municipal government -,business,and also as a tea for the Ako Clan.

The house was restored in 1994.

■Hours: 10am-4pm(Closed every Tuesday,28th Dec.-4th Jan.)

■Admission Free

■Tel: 0791-48-7755

■Take Bus for Kojima or Earth-Seiyaku from JR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Sakoshiko.

《《 Sakoshi street scene 》》

Sakoshi is a port town where old houses and historical relics still line the streets.

The elegance of rows of traditional houses with white earthen walls and magnificent tile roofs has earned these streets the designation as a tourism promotion zone.

■Take Bus for Kojima or Earth-Seiyaku from LR Bansyu-Ako Station and get off at Sakoshiko.

《《 Ako Gishi Festival 》》

On December 14th every year,the whole city celebrates this festival in memory of the 47 loyal samurai.

Enjoying a variety of shows and exhibitions such as parades reproducing the story of "Chushingura"(the 47 loyal Samurai Story).

The citizens of Ako and thousands of spectators visiting from all over the country are filled with excitement when they come to the festival.

》》 Story of the 47 LOYAL SAMURAI〜Chushingura〜

《《 The specialty article of Ako 》》

● Shiomi-Manjyu(salty cake)

The Ako clan once presented these sweets to the shogun's family and then they were hightly prized.

It is very famous as a special product of Ako and a very suitable souvenir.

● Yaki-Shio(baked salt)

By baking salt of good quality,the bitterness is taken away and the salt becomes mild.

This is the Yaki-Shio for which Ako has been noted since the Genroku period.


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