Tomato & Onion Ako Shop

  • Western food

Hamburger steak restaurant that everyone in the family would love

Our main menu is hamburger steak. The "Megaton Hamburger Steak" and the "Mixed Grill" (hamburger steak, chicken, and steak) are both voluminous. "Katsunabe", a Japanese dish, is also popular. We have various kids' menu too. We take pictures for birthday celebration and give toys as presents. The dessert menu is a bit stylish and luxurious, for the ladies to enjoy. Lunch menu on weekdays are inexpensive, and includes choices at the soup bar and curry bar. The round sign of our mascot "Tomato Ojisan" (tomato man) is easy to spot from a distance. If you happen to be nearby, please visit our restaurant. The staff is looking forward to serving all of you.

  • Address
  • Access
    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・34 minutes' walk
    ・10 minutes by car
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  • Business Hours
    11:00 am - 1:30 am the next day
  • Holidays
    Open all year round
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The eat-all-you-want service is highly popular !
We have lots of fans of our menu with a choice of hamburger steak, spaghetti, or steak (2 - 3 kinds), with salad, soup bar, drink bar, curry bar, and rice bar - a 100% satisfaction fare.

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