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Hotel featuring seasonal traditional Japanese course meals (originating in tea ceremonies) and healing

The scenery that can be enjoyed from all rooms is the utmost relaxation and blessing from nature. 1. Hotel The scenery of Seto Inland that can be seen from every room makes you want to keep nature all to yourself. Please visit and enjoy Mother Nature to the full. 2. Dining Every dish is prepared with special care. Please savor the specialties of each of the seasons. 3. Rooms All 24 rooms have view of the Seto Inland Sea, exactly described by the name "Donkairo" (establishment that drinks the sea). 2 Luxury rooms in an annex with open-air bath. You can relax as though you are in your own villa, enjoying the panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea from the huge window. Family bath is also available exclusively for Luxury room guests. The Precious rooms have private bathtubs, allowing guests to bathe and relieve the fatigue of the day regardless of opening hours of the open-air and panorama baths. Standard rooms are on the 3rd and 4th floors. The rooms are spacious enough to enjoy your stay with family and friends. Family rooms are best-suited, certainly, for families. There are 2 Family rooms, suite style. A large family can visit each other's rooms without worrying about disturbing other guests. All rooms offer view of sunrise and the changing colors of the sea. The greatness of Mother Nature should surely impress you.

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    Please refer to the facility's official website.
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    【Day-trip Bathing】
    11:30 am ~ 2:30 pm
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《Day-trip Bathing》
Adults: 1,500 yen
Children: 800 yen
Preschool children: Free

11:30 am ~ 2:30 pm

【Amenity goods】
Towels: Free of charge
※300 yen discount if you bring your own towel

【Lunch】※Reservation required
11:00 am ~ 2:30 pm
Traditional Japanese course lunch: from 5,400 yen (for 2 guests or more)
Traditional Japanese meal in bento box: from 3,780 yen

~ For group customers ~
・Bento: from 3,780 yen
・Traditional Japanese course meal: from 5,400 yen
Price: from 3,780 yen, reservation required (by 3 days in advance)
Number of seats available: 80
Number of parking spots for buses: 2
※For further details please contact the facility or refer to the Website.

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