Pension HERZ

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A hotel you can stay with your pet

The motif of our B&B is a yacht floating on the Seto Inland Sea. The dining hall and guest rooms have high ceilings for the guests to feel relaxed.The rooms have lofts, a fun feature.From the parking lot to the entrance is a gentle slope. The interior is built with accessibility-conscious design for ease of use by disabled and elderly customers.Our concept for the meals is to have the customers "feel stuffed". We serve dishes of fresh fish caught in the fishing net that morning.We also try to use chemical-free vegetables grown in our home garden (cucumbers, tomatoes, bitter melon, yacon, potatos, onions, Japanese white radish, etc.) as much as possible.

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The name of our B&B, HERZ is German for "heart".
We chose the name with the wish to entertain our guests with warm heart.
The bath can be used by 5 to 6 people at a time so that family members or friends can enjoy bathing together.
Please relax in the herb bath.
There is a piano in the dining hall.
The high ceiling gives good acoustic effect.
Please enjoy singing as much as you wish !

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