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Ako manju is a confectionery that had been presented to the Shogun.

Asano Takumi no Kami Naganori, who had been the lord of the castle in Banshu Ako being granted 53,000 koku of rice, and who died in tragedy, loved poetic and artistic things. He had profound knowledge in tea ceremony especially. The confectionery he favored to have with tea was Ako manju, made based on the producing method used in Himeji, and with Ako salt as an ingredient. When lord Naganori went to Edo, he presented it to the Shogun. Ako manju was passed on to lords nationwide and became famous and praised. After that, in the Tenpo era, a confectionery expert had been invited to Ako. His sophisticated skill refined Ako manju's taste further. That is how Ako manju, with its current coating bun similar to rakugan (sweet made with soybean, rice flour and sugar) with bean paste filling with a pinch of salt has been produced. After such a long period, effort for further refinement still goes on for this prestigious and famous confectionery with its mellow and delicate taste, while adhering to the inherited method with respect to the traditional taste

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Smooth bean paste with delicate sweetness using azuki beans from Tokachi with the right amount of Ako salt, wrapped in coating bun made with soybean, rice flour, and sugar (similar to rakugan).
The sweet taste of bean paste with a slight fragrance of salt is exquisite.
There are two kinds, "white" featuring salt, and another made with maccha (powdered green tea) (best used within 25 days)

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