Ako Hanten (chinese restaurant)

  • Chinese food

A place where you can enjoy genuine Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price

Our No. 1 specialty is homemade gyoza (dumpling) above all ! Once you get a a taste of it, you cannot forget about it. Limited-period menu by chefs from homeland China and dishes using homemade noodles are also highly popular ! Set menu are voluminous ! We also have a wide variety of a la carte menu. ... and for children too !

  • Address
  • Access
    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・32 minutes' walk
    ・11 minutes by car
  • Inquiries
  • Business Hours
    Please call us to confirm.
  • Holidays
    Please call us to confirm.
  • Parking Space
    50※Shared with Business Hotel Sakurakan

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