Ako Oishi Shrine

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Place where the Ako gishi is enshrined. Items used to direct the raid are being exhibited.

Located on the remains of the residences of chief retainers, Oishi Kuranosuke, in San-no-Maru, and Fujii Matazaemon, enshrining the loyal retainer Kayano Sanpei. After that, seven military commanders including three castle-owners of the Asano clan, Naganao, Nagatomo, and Naganori, distant relatives of the Mori family, who owned the castle after the Asano clan had been put to and end, and Mori Ranmaru, who died inHonnoji no Hen(the Honnoji Incident) have been enshrined together.Based on the episode that the Forty-seven Ronin, headed by deity Oishi Kuranosuke had succeeded in taking revenge for their lord, enduring a difficult period of a year and ten months, worshippers from all over the country visit the shrine to pay respect and to pray for realization of great ambitions and earnest wishes.The main building and precinct of the shrine have been totally renewed in 2002, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the raid by the gishi.

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