Restaurant Ginpaso at Ako Misaki Resthouse

  • Japanese food

Dining place and souvenir shop with sweeping view of Setouchi

"Rest house by the shore" in Ako Misaki, located inside Seto Inland Sea National Park, where beautiful plants and flowers grow and the nature is awesome.Dining with a 180-degree view of the islands in Seto Inland Sea and the ocean below is exhilerating.The rest house has a restaurant hall where individuals, families, and guests on pleasure trips can enjoy casual meals, and 3 party rooms (room size: 30 tatami mats) for celebration and memorial service meals, group tour lunch, etc.In spring, enjoy cherry bass and Misaki's cherry blossoms. In summer, pike conger, octopus, anago (conger eel), and the greens of the mountains are great. In autumn, matsutake mushroom with conger eel, and in winter, oyster dishes, all of which are Ako's specialties are the delicacies.Locally-produced foodstuff of the season can be enjoyed throughout the year.After enjoying your meal at the rest house, you can bathe at Ako onsen or go sightseeing in the Ako city area.

Oyster hut in Ako Misaki (December 1 - March 31)
・All-you-can-eat oysters (20 minutes): 2,000 yen/person
・All-you-can-eat oysters (60 minutes): 4,000 yen/person

※Please contact the facility directly to use the all-you-can-eat service.
Seeing eye dogs and service dogs can enter the store (please notify in advance).

~ For group customers ~
・Box lunch, box lunch delivery, Japanese meal, kaiseki, barbecue, makunouchi (box lunch containing rice and various food items in small portions), shokado (kaiseki meal contained in large lacquer box): from 1,500 yen (reservation required 5 days in advance)
・Number of seats available: Max. 300
・Number of parking spots for buses: 12 (reservation in advance and on the day are both accepted)
※For further details please contact the facility or refer to the Website.

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