Kyu Sakoshiura Kaisho (old meeting place and current museum)

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Museum with a heart-warming atmosphere

Located in a spot at the end of the low pass connecting Sakoshi port and Chikusa River.Established during1831 - 1832 as a meeting place for law enforcement and administrative work for trade in the village.The place also functioned as a teahouse for the Ako clan. From the room calledKankairoon the second floor, a beautiful view of the Sakoshi port can be seen. The Old Sakoshiura Meeting Place has been used in such ways from its establishment to the Meiji era.At present, it attracts numerous tourists as a historic building and museum.

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    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・13 minutes by car
    From JR Sakoshi station
    ・25 minutes' walk
    ・5 minutes by car
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  • Holidays
    Tuesdays (if Tuesday is a public holiday, closed the next day) Year end and new year (December 28 - January 4)
  • Opening Hours
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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