• Japanese food

Taste our special anago (conger eel) dishes while taking in the view of the Ako Castle Ruins

Wide variety of menu including Japanese food made with fresh seafood from Setouchi, noodles, rice bowls, and set menu. One of the most popular menu, "ana-juu" (grilled conger eel over a box of rice) surprises everyone with its softness the moment they put their chopsticks into the anago. We also have other lunch menu including the "anago tempura bowl" with a whole deep-fried anago, and the "all-anago set" which you can enjoy three kinds of anago dishes.

Tasting the strictly selected anago (conger eel) of Ako
・All-anago set meal: 2,000 yen
・Anago tempura rice bowl: 1,480 yen
・Anago rice bowl (Anago and egg cooked in dashi and soy sauce on a bowl of rice): 1,480 yen
・Anago chirashi (scattered sushi): 1,480 yen
・Udon or soba with anago tempura: 1,480 yen
・Issui Gozen(set menu. Please choose either of a whole anago deep-fried, or grilled anago): 2,500 yen
Other rice bowls and noodles are also available.

~ For group customers ~
Menu: Ana-juu (Anago on a bento box of rice): from 1,480円 (Reservation required 2 - 3 days in advance, acceptance depends on vacancy)
Number of seats available: 30
Number of parking spots for buses: None
※For details, please contact the facility or refer to the Website.

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