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Gishi no sato collection

Banshu Ako, famous for Ako gishi and Chushingura... The history was tragic in reality with the the lord killing himself by seppuku and his family put to an end. But presently, the gishi's loyal act remains in people's minds and a substantial fan base is maintained. The tale of the historical fact that has survived a long period of time is still being told among people.

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    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・8 minutes' walk
    ・5 minutes by car
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    3 (2 doors down to the west)
The gishi face towels have been dyed after handwriting all 47 retainers with care from the heart in 3 colors, black, white, and yellow.
Gishi yukata has been finely designed with "nishiki-e"(colored woodblock print) in sopshisticated style.
We have hand-dyed the colors to represent the detailed expressions of each of the gishis.
We used bright green for spring, dark red for summer, gold for autumn, and grayish dark green for winter.
Gishi uchiwa (paper fan) made from gishi yukata textiles are also highly popular.
We hope to offer further enjoyment and warmth.

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