Kakuiso Ako

  • Japanese food

Enjoy the taste only possible to experience at a fishing ground, along with the panorama spa and food of Seto

Kakuiso serves dishes limited to each particular year, by deeply understanding about the food materials and cooks, and selecting the best foodstuff for the year. We are also careful in selecting the other leading player, sake. We make strict selections of sake from not only Banshu Ako but also from nearby Harima area. We have a selection of shochu too, which we call "47-shi" (Forty-seven Ronin). Please enjoy them to the full.

A la carte seafood dishes:from 300 yen
Live fish dishes of the season:from 1,000 yen
Kaiseki:from 5,000 yen
Set menu:from 1,000 yen
Sushi:from 4,000 yen
Fresh seafood & rice bowl:1,200 yen
Salt-flavored cold seafood noodle:1,000 yen
Special prawn & rice bowl:1,000 yen (5 prawns)

~For group customers~
・Set menu, kaiseki, etc.:from 3,564 yen, reservation required 3 days in advance
・Number of seats available:100
・Number of parking spots for buses:2
※For further details, please contact the facility or refer to the Website.

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