Kinugasa(Ako buckwheat noodle)

  • Japanese food

Soba shop estalished in 1974. Keeping the millstone grinding method for homemade buckwheat flour.

Soba is a delicate living thing. We grind buckwheat seeds produced in Ako, still in chaff, slowly with a stone mill. This prevents the flour from being heated and flavorful soba with chewy and firm texture can be made. Especially in summer, we grind the buckwheat two times a day, in the morning and in the evening to avoid the flour from being affected by heat and humidity. We take pride in our "freshly ground, freshly made, freshly boiled" Ako soba.

Our motto being local production for local consumption, and safe and reliable food, we use locally produced foodstuff.
We carefully select seasonal foodstuff including buckwheat, rice, salted green onion, eggs, conger eel, oyster, pike conger, clams, etc. We serve "fresh and tasty" things using foodstuff in season all year round.

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