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Oysters are served throughout the year

Sakoshi oysters, raised with great care by the fishermen in Sakoshi Bay, where good-quality plankton flow in from the rich "Ikushima Forest", designated by the Government as a natural monument, and Chigusagawa River, which the water has been selected as one of the 100 finest mineral waters of Japan, are succulent and rich in taste. We offer dishes making the best of the foodstuff, such as Iwagaki oysters in summer, and Pacific oysters in winter. Please come and try them.

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    ●November - March
    11:00 am - 4:00 pm(last order: 3:30 pm)
    ●April - October
    11:00 am - 2:30 pm(last order 2:00 pm)
    ※May close earlier when we are out of ingredients.
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【Salt cream】
Kuidoraku's original ice cream made with Ako salt.
Iwagaki oyster, the leading player in summer. Iwagaki oyster raised in Sakoshi is far more rich in taste than the Pacific oyster eaten in winter. The more you chew, sweetness flows out of the adductor muscle. Iwagaki oyster is highly popular among gourmets.
We recommend to eat it raw !

【Oyster dishes】※No reservations required
・Sakoshi gozen:Dotenabe (oyster hotpot dish cooked with red miso)、vinegared oyster, deep-fried oyster, and steamed oyster:2,850 yen
The gozen is a set menu using Sakoshi oysters in abundance.
・We also serve a la carte oyster dishes.
A la carte:from 865 yen
Gozen (set menu):from 1,850 yen

Oyster cooked in shell~Pacific oyster in winter~
Bake it on charcoal fire and savor it while it's hot.
※May not be able to serve depending on supply.

※The hut by the shore is closed this season due to circumstances. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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