Osake Shrine

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Visit to see the oldest wind ship picture in Japan.

Hatano Kawakatsu, Amaterasu O-mikami, and Kasuga no Kami are enshrined here.Hata Kawakatsu comes from the powerful Hata family, being active from the mid 6th to mid 7th century, at the period ofShotoku Taishi.The time of establishment is not clear, but the beginning is said to be year 647, when the local citizens enshrined the soul of Hatano Kawakatsu upon his death.The current main shrine has been rebuilt in1769, the hall of worship and the shrine gate in 1746.The votive picture chambers on both sides of the hall of worship contain more than 40 votive picture plaques. The votive picture of a wind ship was created in 1722, and is a rare item said to be the oldest ship ema (votive picture plaque).

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    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・15 minutes by car
    From JR Sakoshi station
    ・30 minutes' walk

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