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Local specialty sweets using ingredients produced in Ako

Our store has an assortment of sweets made with Ako's salt and eggs, and other ingredients produced in the neighboring area. Our top recommendation at the moment is Banshu Ako En-musubi (bringing luck in romance, marriage and good relationships) Cookies. We had prayer performed by a shinto priest at a shrine in Ako Misaki famous for bringing good luck in en-musubi for our Ako salt (salt is also pronounced "en") and for continuance of "en-man" (good relationship). The cookies are crumbly and melt in your mouth. You will certainly be hooked by the sweet and salty taste of wasanbon sugar and salt in the cookies.

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    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・13 minutes' walk
    ・6 minutes by car
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    9:30 am - 7:30 pm
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The salt madeleine, which has gone through multiple refinement since the opening of the store has a hearty lingering flavor that comes from Ako salt containing bittern. The madeleine is baked savory and plump, with carefully selected eggs "Ako no Minamoto", flour produced in Okayama, and cultured butter from Hokkaido.
It is an item that brings back nostalgic memories of your homeland.
We also have other sweets such as "Fun-wari yaki", manju made with milk with the image of the warm and comforting weather of Ako, "Dontsu Castella" with its fine and moist texture like the Ako Dontsu carpet, "Jin-daiko Florent", and "Ako no Minamoto pudding" all of which should tell you more about Ako in addition to Chushingura.
Fujimoto-san, the owner, says "This is a small shop, so we cannot do what large shops do. We just do whatever we can to make customers happy" A place to drop by after visiting the castle and Oishi Shrine, etc.

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