Sakoshi Machinami-kan (tourism information center)

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Museum and tourism information center located in the central spot of Daido(main street)

Sakoshi Machinamikan is a restored building of Okuto Bank Sakoshi Branch from the Taisho era. It keeps a huge safe manufactured in America, indicating its long history as a bank of the period. At present, the place functions as an information center and museum exhibiting materials related to famous and historic sites and specialty products.

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  • Address
  • Access
    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・12 minutes by car
    From JR Sakoshi station
    ・20 minutes' walk
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  • Holidays
    Tuesdays (if Tuesday is a public holiday, closed the next day) Year end and new year (December 28 - January 4)
  • Opening Hours
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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