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Ohori-jaya is a place where you can relax.

Tomoeya Otemon-mae shop is located in front of Otemon gate of Ako Castle. The shop building is machiya (traditional merchant's house)-style, presernting an archaic atmosphere of the Genroku era. We offer salt-flavored manju, Ako's traditional confectionery, and other Japanese confectionery.

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    Please refer to the facility's official website.
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  • Business Hours
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Holidays
    Year end(December 28 - 31)
  • Parking Space
    6 for buses20 (when there are regular cars only)
At the teahouse on the first floor of the shop, please enjoy our sweets and meals prepared with utmost care, imagining the dreams of the Genroku era, inspired by the Japanese garden.

~For group customers~
・Raid soba or Raid udon only:from 1,000 yen, reservation required by the day before

Number of seats available:80
Number of parking spots for buses:7
※For further details please contact the facility or refer to the Website.

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