Ako City Museum of History

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Explore Ako's history including salt-making and gishi.

The Ako City Museum of History has been established in 1989 aiming to accomplish educational and cultural sophistication through collecting, storing, researching, and exhibiting historical materials. We also have nicknamed the facility "The House of Salt and Gishi" to spread knowledge about Ako gishi and salt, both of which are characteristics and popularities of our city.The museum has four themes of permanent exhibits, Ako salt and producing tools which have been designated as important tangible folk-cultural property by the government (first floor), models, old drawings, and excavated relics depicting "Ako Castle and the castle town", Ako gishi from the viewpoints of loyalty and culture, and "Old waterworks in Ako" explained by excavated relics and videos (second floor).We hold special and planned exhibits once to twice a year to introduce visitors to the history and culture of our hometown Ako from various viewpoints.We also organize lectures from time to time.

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    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・15 minutes' walk
    ・7 minutes by car
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    Wednesdays (If Wednesday is a holiday, closed the next day) Year end and new year(December 28 - 31, January 4)
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    9:00 am - 5:00 pm ※Entrance by 4:30 pm

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