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  • Western food

Butter-sauteed meat and prawns

Kamomeya is a long-established place, opened in 1963 as an "amateur cooking restaurant" by the founder who used to be a fisherman.Please try the carefully selected prawns and meat, sauteed with butter and Kamomeya's secret recipe sauce.

・Lunch:from 1,350 yen (including tax)
・Dinner on weekdays:1,450 yen (including tax)~

・Kamome set menu C (130 grams of meat and one prawn):2,500 yen(+ tax)
・Kamome set menu A (130 grams of meat and two prawns):3,200 yen(+ tax)
・Fillet and prawn set menu (170 grams of meat and one prawn):4,500 yen(+ tax)

【Sales of Sauce】
Online sales of secret recipe sauce to distant areas
(Please order from our Website)

We take reservations.
Please see our official Website for details.

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