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Hotel with one of the most scenic open-air onsens in Kansai

A new "place to be" in Ako! Superb location at the tip of Ako Misaki with the view of Seto Inland Sea. You can see Shodoshima Island right in front, and as far as Shikoku when the weather is clear. In November 2010, "Kaiyu Daiyokuen", one of the most scenic open-air onsens in Kansai has been opened. Taking a relaxing dip in the large open-air bath "Tenkai No Yu" would relive your soul from your day-to-day strain. After getting refreshed in the finest onsen, enjoy the seafood from the sea right in front. The dishes, including rice grown with water (chosen as one of the 100 best waters in Japan) from Chigusagawa River, is highly popular.

  • Official Site
  • Address
  • Access
    Please refer to the facility's official website.
  • Inquiries
  • Business Hours
    【Day-trip Bathing】
    11:00 am~8:00 pm(last check-in by 7:00 pm)
    ※Check-in for use of onsen starts at 3:00 pm on first Mondays due to maintainance.
  • Holidays
    Open all year round
  • Parking Space
    Approx. 30
    Free of charge
    First come, first served
    No reservations accepted
《Day-trip Bathing》
Adults: 1,700 yen
Children: 850 yen
Preschool children: 500 yen (children 2 years old and under: Free)
※Fee has been changed from April 14.

11:00 am ~ 8:00 pm (last check-in by 7:00 pm)
※Check-in for Day-trip Bathing starts at 3:00 pm on first Mondays due to maintenance.
【Amenity goods】
Rental face towels: Free of charge
Rental bath towels: Free of charge

【Lunch】※Reservation required
11:30 am ~ 2:00 pm
Seasonal Traditional Japanese course lunch: 5,940 yen

~ For group customers ~ Menu: Seasonal traditional Japanese course meal
Fee: 4,320 yen ~ reservation required (by one day in advance)
Available number of seats: 80
Number of parking spots for buses 3
※For further details please contact the facility or refer to the Website.

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