Kakuiso Ako

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Enjoy the taste of "the real thing" at fishing grounds, panorama spa and the gifts of nature of Seto

Panorama and open-air baths with panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea. Use of onsen only is also possible. Please savor the fresh seafood including oysters, and local sake. ≪Stay≫Weekdays with dinner and breakfast:From 13,218 yen Weekends with dinner and breakfast: From 14,406yen≪Parties≫Japanese-style rooms, high-chairs for Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms available for parties and ceremonies. Ceremonial outfits for Kanreki (sixtieth birthday), etc., also available.

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    Please refer to the facility's official website.
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  • Business Hours
    【Day-trip Bathing】
    11:00 am~9:00 pm (last check-in by 8:00 pm)
  • Holidays
    Open all year round
  • Parking Space
≪Day-trip Bathing≫
Adults (12 years old and up):750yen
Children (5~12):400yen
Preschool Children:(1~4):400 yen

11:00 am~8:00 pm

【Amenity goods】
Face towels:100 yen
Rental bath towels:200 yen

11:00 am~2:30 pm
Set meals, a la carte, traditional Japanese course meals

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