Ako City Tabuchi Museum of Art

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Exhibition of items related to Tabuchi family, a wholesaler dealing with salt from the early Edo era

The city-owned Tabuchi Memorial Hall has been opened in 1997, by the Tabuchi family who had been working on the salt farm, as a salt wholesaler, and in financing service to Daimyo from early Edo era as Kawaguchi-ya. Japanese paintings, callygraphy work, and tea ceremony tools are stored and exhibited in this memorial hall. Especially, a large number of tea ceremony tools are exhibited in this facility, and there is also a tea ceremony room. The room is used for ceremonies and are not always available for use, but is open for public viewing. Please see our Website for details.

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    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・13 minutes by car
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    Tuesdays (if Tuesday is a public holiday, closed the next day) Year end and new year (December 28 - January 4)
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    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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