Higashi Misaki Observatory Square

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Spot with superb view of 1,700 cherry trees with flowers in full bloom

The Misaki area, located in the Seto Inland Sea National Park, is Ako's representative spot of attraction where you can see the beautiful color contrast of 1,700 cherry trees in full bloom and the blue sea. From Higashi Misaki Tenboudai Hiroba (observatory square) you can take in the superb view of the cherry blossoms and the sea all at once. In spring, Cherry Blossom Festival is held at this square. In the fresh green season, you can bring lunch and have a picnic on the grass lawn of the square, watching the sea. At the Higashi Misaki Tenboudai Hiroba, a bronze statue of Oishi Kuranosuke stands facing the city of Ako. There is a stairway that leads you from the square to Fukuura Beach. You can also get to the walking trail leading to Iwatsuhime Shrine, convenient for enjoying a stroll around Misaki. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the sea of Ako. Please have a relaxing time at Higashi Misaki.

  • Address
    〒678-0215 兵庫県赤穂市御崎634
  • Access
    From JR Banshu Ako station
    ・15 minutes by car
  • Inquiries
    赤穂観光協会 (Ako Tourism Association)
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