Hotel Yamacho

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Japanese-style city hotel with reasonable charge.

An elegant Japanese-style city hotel in the center of the "castle town of Heisei" (castle street) that has been built in front of the Otemon gate of the designated national historic site, Ako Castle Ruins. The castle-town appearance including the stone pavement with designs of raid by the gishi (loyal retainers), rest place, and houses with taste of Edo, attracts tourists. The castle street is alongside the route of "sankin kotai" (alternate attendance in Edo by daimyo (feudal lord)). The street won an outstanding award at the National Street Contest. Historic sites related to Chushingura (tale of the Forty-seven Ronin) exist at few minutes' walks from the hotel. The most recent topic of attention was the announcement that the current head of the hotel is a descendant related to one of the Ronin, Yatouemonshichi Norikage.Inside the castle major repairs of the magnificent Honmarumon gate, which was depicted in the drama "Genroku Ryoran" on national TV, and the Daimyo Garden which was designated as Hyogo's first scenic beauty has been going on. In the outer area (san no maru) are more sites to see such as the Oishi Shrine with the Gishi-sonzo, a cultural-asset level statue.All rooms of the hotel have bath and toilet. We carry SAFETY mark (for excellent fire protection authentication). All Western-style rooms have Internet connection cables. In agreement with JTB Corporation, we have a wide range of users.※The distinctive features of Hotel Yamacho are "Reasonably priced hotel in agreement with JTB Corporation" "the hotel of the descendant related to an Ako gishi".

Overnight stay
【Western-style rooms - single/twin】
Room charge(stay only):4,700 yen
With breakfast:5,800 yen

【Japanese-style rooms - size: 6 to 8 tatami mats】
Room charge:5,000 yen
With breakfast:from 6,500 yen

【Japanese-style room with transom - size: 14 tatami mats】
Room charge:from 6,000 yen
With dinner and breakfast:from 8,000 yen

Overnight stay with dinner and breakfast:from 7,500 yen

※All prices are per person.
※Breakfast includes 4 to 5 items, and is popular !

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